The blurred lines of workplace banter

Banter is common within workplace culture, but is it doing more harm than good?
by Lulu Trask


What is banter? Stella Chandler, director of development at Focal Point Training and Consultancy, which works with teams to create positive change in workplace behaviour, defines it in a previous Review article as discussions that are normally intended to “make people laugh together”.

Stella was talking about the difference between banter and bullying – a topic which the consultancy had recently conducted research on. The lines between the two are blurred, but it ultimately boils down to how it makes the recipient feel. A colleague making fun of your football team, or giving you a nickname based on a mistake you made in a presentation, or making a comment about your weight, could be perceived in completely different ways, depending on the context.

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Published: 10 Aug 2022
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