Stay sharp with CPD from the CISI

The CISI offers a range of opportunities for financial services professionals. Whether you are a manager, looking for opportunities to develop your staff, or you are a professional, aiming to develop your competence and stand out from your peers, the CISI can help you.


Through the CISI's Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme, you can ensure your staff are provided with a host of opportunities to develop their knowledge and expertise. CPD is the ongoing maintenance of professional competence. It has been identified as a key component in raising standards of professionalism for the financial services sector. The development provided through the CISI's CPD scheme also shows the regulator the efforts your firm is making to ensure your staff remain competent and compliant.

Professional Refresher

Over 200 elearning modules with self-administrated testing facilities are designed to help you tackle topics to build on or refresh your knowledge of various topics. Modules are available as part of CISI membership or can be purchased individually.

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Members can catch up on past CISI events anywhere, anytime by watching online on the Institute’s own TV channel, CISI TV, with around 500 videos. CISI TV is available on computers, tablets and smartphones and records CPD for you automatically.

The Review

The Review is the official publication of the CISI issued quarterly. Members can choose to read the digital interactive version of the magazine and by doing so, the time spent reviewing it, will be automatically recorded to their CPD record.

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Conferences & Events

Dedicated conferences and events where you can network with like-minded individuals and earn CPD. They provide comprehensive coverage of key issues in the financial markets and attract high-level delegates from around the world.

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Managing CPD

To make managing and overseeing your staff's development programme as easy as possible, the CISI has a Superuser function, where you can monitor the CPD activities of your staff. It enables you to view the CPD records of all your employees who have an active record and have allowed Superuser access.

Benefits of Superuser include:

  • Reports can also be used to monitor the CPD activities undertaken by individuals.
  • You can monitor completion of specific Professional Refresher modules.
  • You can create bespoke CPD activities and apply it to one, or all, of your staff's CPD records.
  • Details can be imported or exported via Excel files.
  • Emails can be sent to selected staff registered on the scheme.

External CPD Schemes

The CISI CPD record is all that a firm seeking to implement a continuing professional development policy needs. Users of the CISI CPD record need to demonstrate compliance against the CPD requirements, and employees compliance to these requirements can be monitored by the firm using the CISI's Superuser function.

Firms which already have established CPD schemes, such as regulated financial services firms  that are CISI Corporate Supporters, are able to seek CISI accreditation of their own scheme, for direct use with their employees. In obtaining accreditation, a firm is able to state that its personal CPD scheme meets the CISI's rigorous CPD standards. For further information contact

For more information on becoming a Corporate Supporter please contact

CPD Access Vouchers

Firms that are CISI Corporate Supporters can order CPD Access Vouchers for any employees that are not CISI members. The voucher gives full access to the CISI CPD record for a period of twelve months. The voucher does not entitle the individual to access online benefits available to CISI members.

The annual fee for the CPD Access Voucher is £150 per individual. For further information contact