Membership Application Form

The below application form is for non-members applying for Affiliate, Associate (ACSI), full Member (MCSI) or Chartered Member (Chartered MCSI)*.

If you are a student member, and have completed a relevant qualification, or an existing member who is eligible to upgrade, you can do so by logging in to MyCISI.

*Please note that this form can only be used for non-CISI members. If you are already a CISI member looking to upgrade to Chartered MCSI, please use the Individual Charter Application Form.

Please complete the below form so that we can begin processing your membership application.

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Obtaining a pass in the CISI's IntegrityMatters is a requirement for MCSI, ACSI and Affiliate membership. For more information please go to:


Affiliate membership is for those applicants who do not hold a relevant professional qualification.

To qualify for Associate membership applicants must hold a minimum CISI level 3, 4 or 5 qualification, or an equivalent non CISI qualification.

To qualify for full Membership applicants must hold a minimum of a CISI level 6 qualification or an equivalent non CISI qualification.

To qualify for Chartered Membership applicants do not have to hold a relevant professional qualification. However, you must have been a personally Chartered member of either the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), The London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF) or the Chartered Bankers Institute (CBI) for at least 12 months immediately preceding your application for CISI membership. In that time you must have successfully logged at least 12 months of CPD.

Here is a list of accepted external qualifications for ACSI and MCSI membership.

For Chartered MCSI, here is a list of the evidence you can provide of your membership history with another relevant Chartered Body.

Please detail external qualifications / university degrees / memberships and attach a certified copy of your certificate and CV:

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Disciplinary history

Please note that you do not need to disclose protected convictions that are filtered from a standard and enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.
I have been convicted of a criminal offence: *

I have entered an Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA) or equivalent agreement with my creditors or have been adjudged bankrupt or insolvent or compounded with my creditors.*

I have been subject to disciplinary proceedings by the FCA, other regulator or any professional body within the past five years: *

I have been subject to a disciplinary investigation by my firm that has led to disciplinary action being taken against me: *


Please read the below declaration. Once you have read it, please confirm your acceptance by writing your name in the appropriate section.

  1. On applying to become a member of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment I agree to abide by the Royal Charter, Byelaws, Regulations, and to uphold its high standards as published in its Professional Code (all available from website). Any breach of the Regulations may give rise to disciplinary procedures and termination of my membership.
  2. I am aware that CPD is mandatory for CISI members and agree to undertake CPD on an annual basis meeting the CISI CPD requirements to maintain my membership. I understand non-compliance of the CISI CPD requirements can lead to my membership being suspended.
  3. If not already achieved, to activate my membership I agree to pass IntegrityMatters. I understand that if not completed within 3 months of joining the CISI my membership will be suspended.
  4. I know of no reason why I should not become a member.


The cost of the different grades of membership is shown below. The membership fee is payable on a pro-rata basis at any stage of the year and is due annually on 1 April.

MCSI / Chartered MCSI - £113.00
(+ £55 joining fee)
Your membership will run until 31 March 2024
ACSI / Affiliates - £78.00
(+ £33 joining fee)
Your membership will run until 31 March 2024


If you are eligible for a country discount this will be applied automatically at the time of making payment for your membership subscription fee

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