Why Speak Up?

To support a ‘speak up’ culture in financial services, the CISI has developed a new suite of resources. These focus on the importance of professionals having the knowledge and courage to speak up when they witness failings, large or small, which impact the standards set by their organisation.

spupfWhy Speak Up?

When you see a problem, speaking up takes moral courage. It helps your organisation maintain integrity and supports long-term sustainability. Speaking up is a positive action, highlighting failings both large or small, which can impact the standards within an organisation.

However, speaking up should be more than an individual action. Instead, a speak up culture needs to be developed and embedded – where individuals see it as a matter of course to raise concerns when they have them.

The CISI has developed a suite of resources to support financial services organisations in embedding this culture, providing knowledge to organisations and confidence to individuals.

Speak Up – the Interactive Workshop

The interactive workshop has been developed to encourage staff across your company to consider how to approach challenges and dilemmas. Colleagues will have the opportunity to discuss and debate a series of true to life scenarios, and understand how to speak up with confidence.

Using interactive discussions and live voting, the Speak Up workshop encourages participants to think about how they can, and would, respond to potential issues within their workplace.

Interactive Workshop Prices and Booking

speakupPRSpeak Up – the Professional Refresher

The Speak Up Professional Refresher module explains the background and legislation behind whistleblowing and educates individuals on the best way to speak up in the workplace.

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Would you speak up?

An invitation from a client to attend the Ryder Cup golf tournament appears to have unduly swayed a sales colleague to favour the client.

How would you react?

Hannah and her colleague Dylan are both in the sales team at Max Bank and report to the same line manager. Hannah, who is the newest member of the team has been in the job for a year, but Dylan joined a couple of years before her.

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