CISI CPD Auditing

The CISI has adopted a risk-based approach to the auditing of members’ CPD records and auditing is carried out continuously throughout the year.

Members whose logs have completed the end of year process may be chosen randomly for auditing and will be asked to verify the non-CISI entries they have logged as CPD. Check below for examples of acceptable evidence.

CISI Acceptable Evidence Requirements

Audit process

The chart below outlines the process and timeline for CPD auditing.


*Auditing occurs regularly throughout the year and members can be audited in consecutive years.

The CPD scheme supporting evidence guidelines will help you identify the supporting evidence you need to retain when entering non-CISI CPD entries into your log over the 12 month period for which your CPD log runs.

Members who attend a third party CPD event, and do not have suitable evidence of attendence, should upload to their CPD log, a third party CPD certificate which has been completed and signed by the event provider.

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